Fate Unfolding

Shamans of the Amazon and Andes believe that we are just as much a product of our future as we are a product of our past and that we have the ability to not only track the comings of our future but to also create it. 

Using the Core Movement Principles of Open Floor Movement Practice, we will explore the unfamiliar territory that we are stepping into as humans by accessing the unknowns of our body, heart, mind and soul. We will be listening to the whispers of our soul to fuel the expression of our hearts thus, creating a map of our destiny through writing and movement.

 - How do we move out of the way to listen to our souls calling?

 - How do we step between moving and being moved, dancing and being danced, the known and unknown?

This workshop is designed for anyone who has a curiosity into articulating their soul through dance and writing and cultivating the skills of stepping into the unknown. No dance or writing experience required. Only a tickle of curiosity.