The Movement Rites #2 All Ages (18+)

After our first series for emerging adults was SOLD OUT, we are excited to be offering...


A four week movement-based Rites of Passage series, resourcing people to embrace and integrate the ever-changing periods of transitions in life.


Traditionally a Rite of Passage is a ceremony that marks important transition periods in a persons life, such as: birth, puberty, marriage, having children and death. In our ever-changing modern society we are constantly presented with matters of change in our relationships, career, identity and environment, just to name a few. In our culture we have largely lost the ceremonies and rituals marking these important moments in our lives.


Through dance, ritual and the creative-arts, we will use this ever-evolving period of change as creative fuel for our individual, and collective expression. We will use Open Floor Movement Practice - a lively, sweaty, full-on dance inquiry - to support us to find our ground, release unwanted baggage and awaken the artist within. No dance experience required.

* How can we move and include it all – feelings, other people, thoughts, wild passions, limitations?
* How can we embrace change and use it as creative fuel for transformation?
* What is my unique creative genius?


A sweat lodge is an ancient cleansing and healing ritual practiced by many cultures throughout the world. Similar but more intense than a sauna, heated rocks are placed in an enclosed tent and water is then poured over the rocks to produce intense waves of heat. Sometimes herbs are used to produce a healing and soothing fragrance. The intention of the ritual is on cleansing of the body, stilling of mind and connection to ones own spirit.
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Common Roots is a Melbourne-based social enterprise co-founded by Henry Fowkes and Jake Potter; empowering people through movement-based Rites of Passage & Embodied Leadership Programs.


Jake & Henry are certified movement teacher of Open Floor Movement Practice, combining their shared passion to empower people through dance and the creative arts. 


Tuesday 7th Nov 7-10pm
Tuesday 14th Nov 7-10pm
Thursday 16th or Friday 17th Nov - 6 - 9pm Sweat lodge @ Ceres (Optional)
Saturday 18th Nov 10am-5pm
Tuesday 21st Nov 7-10pm
Tuesday 28th Nov Oct 7-10pm

Full Series: $360
Concession: $330
Early Bird: $320 (closes 20th Oct)

Prerequisites: 12 hours of conscious dance experience i.e. Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Movement Medicine etc.

Note: This series counts towards 3 days of prerequisites for the Open Floor Teacher Training

All sessions except for the Sweat Lodge will be held at:
Ashtanga Yoga Centre
110-112 Argyle Street Fitzroy, 3067

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or email us at for enquiries